water-rescue-disc-order-nowHow much is a life worth? How often does $65 get spent going out to dinner, or at the movies? What if $65 enabled you to save someone’s life? Think of how much more memorable that experience would be than seeing the most recent blockbuster that you’ll forget by next week. Equip your whole family, entire police squad, fire fighting unit, etc. With this potential, you’ll never stop talking about how fortunate someone was that you were equipped with a device to save their life.

Buy the ResQ Disc™ for your agency, department, or sector and equip your vital first responders with the potential to make a rescue, rain, wind or shine. Often times a cold water rescue can quickly worsen when an officer is pulled into the same threat; but when the rescuer remains on dry land, saving someone’s life just got a whole lot more efficient. Whether you are in the Coast Guard and always on the water, or in East Texas patrolling the highways, make sure you are equipped with the device that WILL save a life.

ATTENTION: City-wide distributorships and state-wide dealerships are available!
Contact company president, Thomas Sytko, to secure your city or state and/or for more information.

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In celebration of our 20th anniversary of the ResQ Disc, we are giving away a
free ResQ Quick Release Bag with every disc purchase!
That’s a $40 value for every disc you buy!
Place your order for ResQ DISCs and we’ll include the bag!

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Discs w BAGS Total
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SINGLE (1 Disc) $65 each depends on qty

Number of Discs

depends on qty

Number of Discs

$40 each

Number of Bags

PRO PACK (6 Discs) $360 $400



DOUBLE-PRO (12 Discs) $660 $720



1 CASE (24 Discs) $1176 $1256



2 CASES (48 DISCS) $2112 $2256



4 CASES (96 DISCS) $4032 $4320



10 CASES (240 DISCS) $9600 $10320



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