The ResQ Disc Story

When Dr. Thomas Sytko’s son Christopher passed away in 1995 at the age of 26, Dr. Tom vowed he would no longer spend his time trying to “make it big,” but instead would devote himself to saving lives. His invention, the ResQ Disc™, is a patented floatation device that has saved hundreds of people from drowning. Currently used by thousands of governmental agencies in all 50 states and Canada, the ResQ Disc™ is an essential piece of rescue equipment for Police, Firefighters, Commercial and Recreational Boaters, and anyone who admits that you never know when you may need to save a life.

Dr. Tom says, “After making my fortune twice and then having failed twice, I thought, ‘What have I contributed to this world?’ After all the years of hard work, successes and achievements, I realized I hadn’t really accomplished a single thing. I thought to myself, ‘I couldn’t save Chris’ life, but maybe I can save someone else’s.'”

Dr. Tom’s patented invention, the ResQ Disc™, is used today by thousands of government agencies including Firefighters, Police, Border Patrol, US Coast Guard, and even the Military! The ResQ Disc™ is also designed to be used by anyone, especially recreational boaters and outdoor enthusiasts, who may find themselves in a situation where a water rescue is needed.