Q: How far can the ResQ Disc™ go?

A: The ResQ Disc™ can fly an average of 75 feet. With practice it can be thrown just as far into wind, and even up to 140 feet if two ResQ Disc™s are attached to one another!

Q: How many lives have been saved using ResQ Disc™?

A: We can only report on the rescues we’ve been told about, which is currently over 500. Just a few of these rescues are listed in the marque to the right. Report a rescue.

Q: Will the disc fly in high wind/stormy conditions?

A: The ResQ Disc™ is designed to fly straight and accurate in high wind conditions allowing you to throw it into the wind and still reach the target. The US Coast Guard tested the ResQ Disc™ on a 32-foot rescue boat and could throw the ResQ Disc™ 80 feet into a 20-knot wind. From the time they picked up the ResQ Disc™ from the deck until the time it hit the water averaged 20 seconds. Click here for an instructional video on throwing the ResQ Disc™.

Q: I have some teenage children who are starting to drive. We live in a rainy climate and get lots of flash floods, would they be able to use the disc?

A: The ResQ Disc™ is so easy to use and so accurate that anyone can throw it. And we recommend with younger users to practice the ResQ Disc™ a few times in a large open area to get a feel for the flight. Dr. Tom’s 5-year-old cousin could throw the disc 30 feet after just 30 minutes of practice. Also, Dr. Tom’s parapalegic marketing director can throw 40 feet from her wheelchair. We have detailed instructions and an instructional video available by clicking here.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: We encourage you to take advantage of our free 30 day trial. If you don’t like the ResQ Disc™ after 30 days, simply send it back. And remember, if you used a ResQ Disc™ in a real rescue, you can receive one for free.

Q: Do you provide bulk pricing?

A: Buying large quantities of the ResQ Disc™ is the most cost effective way to purchase. Buy for your family, friends and neighbors. Buy for your branch, department, or county. Click here for more information about purchasing. We also have special fundraising programs for schools and non-profit organizations. Contact Save A Life for more information.

Q: Do you have dealerships or distributorships available?

A: Yes. City or State-wide, if you are interested in becoming an exclusive dealer or distributor, please contact company president, Thomas Sytko, for more information.

Q: How much is shipping?

A: The shipping and handling is included in the quoted price!