water-rescue-body-family“If we hadn’t been that close and we didn’t have the rescue disc… I don’t think there’s any doubt they wouldn’t have lasted much longer.”

– Officer Matthew George
Evanston Police

“Our university benefited from your product and we would like to place the ResQ Disc™ on more of our emergency vehicles. We feel it is a necessary addition to our equipment. Thank you.”

– David J. Hubeny, Emergency Manager
Binghamton University
New York University Police

“My last ‘Boat Smart’ class really thought the ResQ Disc™ was a truly remarkable, but simple life saving device. Many decided to order the discs and several ordered more than one as Christmas/Birthday gifts for friends and relatives. This certainly is a great gift! As you may have guessed, I am ‘sold’ on them.”

Dorothy Lillian Ong
Clearwater Sail & Power Squadron

City of Napa Police Dept.
“The device works! On April 4th of this year, our officers responded to a report of a 75 year old woman who had jumped off a bridge in our downtown area, into the frigid Napa River. In this area, because of near-vertical banks, access to the river by foot is impossible. One of our officers used the ResQ Disc™ (we keep one in each patrol car) and threw it to the woman. She was able to grab hold, allowing the officer to pull her to an area where rescue workers could get to her. Because of the ResQ Disc™ and quick action from Napa Police Officer Ryan Cole, this woman is alive today. Thank you ResQ Disc™!”

Gary S. Domingo
Deputy Chief of Police

“Thank you for the information package on your ResQ Disc™! Your timing is very opportune, as recent amendments to Canadian marine regulations will very soon mandate that every vessel be equipped with a “floating throw line”. I have seen your device demonstrated and I am very impressed with the ease of storage & deployment, as well as the accuracy of delivery that it allows. Good luck with your product! I sincerely hope to see every Ontario Provincial Police vessel equipped with a ResQ Disc™ in the near future.”

Phil Shrive, Senior Constable
Ontario Provincial Police

“I work for the Superior National Forest in Ely, Minnesota and carry the ResQ Disc™ with us on snowmobile patrols and plan to have them in ski planes that patrol 3 1/2 million acres of forest, with numerous lakes, rivers and dangerous waters. This is a great device and look forward to utilizing it’s potential.”

Chip Elkins; LE Officer
Superior National Forest

“I take great pleasure in informing you that you are a winner of the USPS/MB&S Chapman Safety Award for developing, manufacturing and promoting a line of throwable discs to save lives.”

R/C William B. Berger
US Power Squadrons
National Safety Committee

“Although this product is brand new, there have already been 12 confirmed saves using the ResQ Disc™. Any agency that has a body of water in its jurisdiction, whether it is an ocean, lake, river, or swimming pool, would find this device of value. All law enforcement agencies that have a water safety department should investigate the value of this product, as well as departments who have many drowning incidents. It is reasonably priced so that every squad car could have at least one in their trunk. It could save lives, and isn’t that an important part of law enforcement?”

Joseph J. Truncale, Training Editor
The Law Enforcement Trainer Magazine

“To date I have demonstrated the device numerous times during water rescue training sessions. These sessions are in accordance with North Carolina Basic Rescue Technician Standards. During the demonstrations both the students and I have appreciated it’s ease of use and accuracy. In fact all students have preferred the ResQ Disc™ to throw bags.”

Billy Leach, Jr.