How to Use ResQ Disc

The ResQ Disc™ is easy to use but just about anyone. We’ve had parents tell of teenagers using it and even physically disabled people have been able to deploy the device. Basically, if you can throw a frisbee, you can save someone’s life.

After undoing the velcro strap and securing it to your wrist or waist… you pull off about 10 feet of the 100-ft line, hold the ResQ Disc parallel to the ground or surface of the water and throw it like a frisbee in front of your target… the remaining line will uncoil.

Watch training video and/or read detailed instructions below. 


  • Pull the tab on the velcro strap that holds the string in place.
  • Unwind 20 feet or more of line and let it drop to the ground.
  • Stick your first two fingers into the loop on the strap end of the rope.
  • Put your right hand thumb into the thumb indent.
  • Pretend you are in the left hand batters box on a baseball diamond and want to throw the disc to the pitcher 90 feet away.
  • Pull your right hand back behind you, like you would if you had a bat ready to hit a pitch, rotate your shoulders back like a wind up with a bat.
  • When you throw, pull the disc in a straight line across your chest and extend your arm pointing at the pitcher who is your target.
  • Keep the disc horizontal (parallel or level to the ground) as you release it.
  • When you release the disc at the end of the throw, your wrist will snap the disc and cause it to rotate shedding the line.

If the disc curves left : You had it tipped down when you released it. If the disc curves right: You had it tipped up when you released it. When it goes straight, you had the disc level when you released it and will get the best distance and accuracy.

In an emergency, when you are not able to walk laterally to pull the disc to the victim and need to re-throw, just put 6 wraps of rope on the disc and leave the rest on the ground. Throw as before. For 50 foot re-throws, throw the disc without re-winding the rope.

Loop the ends of 2 disc into each other and form a knot. Unwrap 50 feet from the 2nd Disc, dropping it to the ground. Leave all the line on the throwing disc and it will take the line on the ground and unwrap all the line from the thrown disc. Using this technique, you can throw the disc 135 to 140 feet. Some Disc Golf Players can reach 150 feet and more. The more you practice, as with any skill, the better you become.

If you are left handed, reverse the batters box. In addition, right handed throwers wrap the rope on the disc clockwise facing the label, while left handers wrap the rope counter clockwise.

Do not throw the Disc at hard surfaces such as trees or buildings. Use the Disc only in actual rescue situations. For ICE RESCUES have the victum put the disc between their legs and turn the disc 90 degrees and cross their legs on the disc. Then have them use their free hands to climb on the edge of the ice while you pull them up from a sitting position.

If you need additional tips, or are having specific problems, please contact us.

Estimated Lives Saved


Reported Rescues

Fort Benning Fire Department
Stranded kayaker in swift water from flooding on Upatoi Creek saved with ResQ Disc!
Fort Benning, GA
April 2014

Saginaw County Sheriff's Office
14-year-old girl rescued from pond after falling through ice
Birch Run, MI
February 2012

US Border Patrol
23 lives saved since 2008!
El Paso, TX
2008 - Present

US Border Patrol
28 lives saved since 2008!
El Centro, CA
2008 - Present

US Border Patrol
51 lives saved since 2008!
Yuma, AZ
2008 - Present

Michigan Police
Snowmobilers rescued after falling through ice on lake
Higgins Lake, MI January 2011

Evanston Police
2 swimmers rescued from Lake Michigan
Evanston IL
August 2008

U S Homeland Security Border Patrol
40 men, women and children rescued from river
El Centro CA
2003 to 2007

U S Homeland Security Border Patrol
57 men women and children rescued from river
Yuma AZ
2004 to 2006

Vestal Police
11 year old boy rescued from icy pond
Vestel NY
January 2008

Blanchester Police Department
Young boy rescued from swift Water river
Blanchester, OH
June 2008

Milford Fire Department
Young Boy in capsized canoe rescued
Milford, OH
June 2008

Paul Rambo
(ResQ Disc owner)

1 male fisherman, swift water river rescue
Detroit, MI
July, 2002

Ridgefield Park Police
Women, Swift Water river rescue
New Jersey
April 2008

Fort Lauderdale Life Guards
2 male lifeguards and 2 male victims rescued from Atlantic Ocean
Fort Lauderdale, FL
June 2006

Savier County Search & Rescue
6 teenagers (one day) White Water rapids
Knoxville, TN
May 2003

Ionia Fire Department
2 elderly men in capsized boat in 35 degree water rescued
Ionia, IA
April 2002

Sewall’s Point Police Department
2 male, river rescues
Sewall’s Point, FL
Feburary, 2004

Burton Fire Department
1 teenage boy & mother, swift water river rescue
Burton, OH
June, 2001

Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department
2 girls, cold swift water river rescue
Hannawa Falls, NY
May 2003

Onieda County Sheriff’s Department
2 adults, Swamped boat in Onieda Lake
Onieda, NY
August 2002

Canton Police Department
17 year old boy, ice rescue in Grass River
Canton, NY
January, 2002

Park Falls Police Department
Male dog, River ice rescue
Park Falls, WI
March, 2002

Bridgeport Township Police Department
male, Pond Ice rescue
Bridgeport, MI
Feburary, 2002

Foster City police Department
1 male bridge river rescue
San Mateo, CA
January, 2000

Dequeen Lake DNR
female adult and teenage boy, Dam rescue
De Queen Lake, AR
August, 1999

City of Napa Police Department
1 75 year old woman, Bridge river rscue
Napa, CA
June 2000

U S Border Patrol El Paso, TX
1 male, river rescue
El Paso, TX
June 2000

Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol
1 male, 1 female jet ski, open ocean
Santa Barbara, CA
October, 1999

Kennebunk Police Department
Teenage boy bridge jump, river rescue
Kennebunk, ME
May, 1999

Clearwater Fire Department
1 male bridge river rescue
Clearwater, FL
November 1997

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