ResQ Disc™ Features

The ResQ Disc™ is a throwable frisbee-like device used to save the lives of victims trapped in swift or deep waters, ice covered lakes and ponds or other dangerous situations where the rescuer can stay safely ashore or aboard while performing the rescue. Here are some specifications and features…

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Get One Free

FREE ResQ Disc™ rescue offer:

Anyone who uses the ResQ Disc™ in an actual rescue is entitled to a free ResQ Disc™. The rescuer need only to send us a report of the rescue and if possible any media coverage or live video of the actual rescue.

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Instructions on Use

The ResQ Disc™ is easy to use but just about anyone. We’ve had parents tell of teenagers using it and even physically disabled people have been able to deploy the device. Basically, if you can throw a frisbee, you can save someone’s life.

After undoing the velcro strap and securing it to your wrist or waist…

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Rave Reviews

If you are on the fence about purchasing the ResQ Disc™ for your home, boat, law enforcement office, government agency or any organization that is in a position to provide equipment for water rescue, read what other ResQ Disc™ owners have said about having and using the device…

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