JANUARY 22, 2024 – SAN DIEGO, CA – During the extreme weather experienced in San Diego County, San Diego Fire-Rescue, according to their “X” (Twitter) feed, this rescue was “One of dozens of rescues SDFD firefighters & lifeguards performed today. This man was saved by Capt. Boyd’s solid throw of the save-a-life disc from Friars Rd under I-5. Nice work gentlemen! E39’s crew: N. Boyd, M. Cornett, R. Kuo & D. Gregg.”

Reported across multiple platforms by multiple organizations including FOX Weather (see repost of article here), this rescue was performed using the ORIGINAL late 90s model of ResQ Disc (many of which were donated by Inventor Dr. Thomas Sytko after the first units were first produced) attesting to the product’s durability and longevity. Since the original design, inventor Thomas Sytko, PhD ME, has upgraded and improved the device including reducing its diameter making it even easier to throw, be thrown more accurately and take up less room in equipment loads, vehicles and water vessels.