ResQ Disc – Single Unit Disc Only (Clay County Sheriff)

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Water and ice emergency throwable rescue device.

Often referred to as a "frisbee with a rope", the ResQ Disc is the first water and ice rescue device of its kind. It is throwable up to 75 ft. and due to its aerodynamic design can be thrown into 20-knot winds as tested and recommended by the US Coast Guard. The device has been used in thousands of water rescues including swift waters, flash floods, deep seas, reservoirs and other natural, open waters like lakes, creeks, rivers and even streams and swimming holes by both professionals in the public sector as well as civilian boaters, kayakers, jet skiiers, and even barges and oil rigs.

The ResQ Disc is the only device on the market that can be successfully and easily be used for BOTH water AND ICE rescues.

Its design is meant to keep the rescuer safely ashore while saving the life of the victim.

It is extremely durable and has a long life span - some first responder agencies, state police and border patrol as well as private boaters have been using the ResQ Disc since it first went to market in the mid 1990s!