Saginaw County Sheriff’s Office Reported: February 17, 2012 Reported by Deputy Adrian Wise BIRCH RUN, MI — According to victim’s testimony, while playing in the snow with several of her friends, one of her dogs got out of the house, ran on the pond and fell through the ice. In an attempt to save it, the 14-year-old Taymouth Township girl ventured onto the ice-covered pond behind her home and fell through. Unable to pull herself out due to the pond depth, she kept her head above water as her friends called 911. Upon arriving at the scene and assessing the situation, Deputy Wise, promptly grabbed a ResQ Disc from his vehicle. After a few attempts to pull the girl from the ice (the challenge being getting the victim over the ice), at last with assistance from other personnel, the girl was pulled to safety. She suffered only minor scrapes and cuts from the ice and was treated for hypothermia.