TAMPA TRIBUNE – 10/09/1997 CLEARWATER – The Pinellas county Sheriff’s Office has a new piece of life-saving equipment for every deputy. The ResQ Disc™, designed by Dr. Thomas Sytko of St. Petersburg, is designed to help save the lives of potential drowning victims. The device is like a large Frisbee with a retractable cord attached to it. This allows a rescuer to safely remain on shore, throwing the ResQ Disc™ up to 100 feet into the water and then pulling to potential victim to safety. “It’s a good way for the rescuer to save a life without endangering himself, especially if the rescuer can’t swim,” said Deputy Cal Dennie. “Every patrol car and every boat will carry one of these discs,” he said. “Even if the rescuer can swim, the device is smart to use because of the risk associated with rescuing a panicking swimmer in strong currents. “What’s the first thing a person wants to do when he’s drowning?” said Dr. Tom, inventor of the ResQ Disc™. “Grab on to you! But with the ResQ Disc™, the rescuer stands on shore, pulls a tab to release a nylon cord, and throws the disc beyond the victim, allowing them to grab the rope and be pulled safely to shore.” Dr. Tom donated the ResQ Disc™s to the sheriff’s office ($8,600 worth), and many lives will never be the same.