DECEMBER 14, 2020, MANTUA, UT – A man fell through the ice at Mantua Reservoir in Box Elder County and was saved in a daring rescue which was captured on video by body cams worn by the rescuers. The man was on his way out to begin ice fishing when he saw a crack, tried to avoid it and fell through approximately 300 to 400 yards from the shoreline. The victim was clipped into a sled, secured by webbing and carabiners, which immediately sunk, pulling the victim and his dog down. On scene in response to a 911 call, Chief Castro of the Mantua Police Department retrieved a ResQ Disc from his vehicle. He and another officer made it approximately 400 feet from the shoreline before making contact with the victim. The rescuers were able to get the ResQ Disc to the victim immediately. As Chief Castro was attempting to assist the victim out of the water and free him from the sled that was still clipped in around him, the ice underneath the Chief broke. Trooper Castillo held the rope for BOTH individuals allowing Chief Castro to get out of the water and allow both officers and other teams of rescuers to free the victim from the sled, get the dog and his owner safely back on the ice and out of the freezing water.