Staff Writer, Sav-A-Life February 2012 US Border Patrol- Homeland Security recently reported to Sav-A-Life (developer of the ResQ Disc) that since 2008, they have saved 51 lives in Yuma AZ, 28 lives in El Centro, CA and 23 lives in El Paso, TX for a total of 102 lives saved in just 3 years. And that is just the REPORTED rescues. US Border Patrol issues the ResQ Disc as standard rescue equipment in all of the 4000 vehicles in any location where they have water crossing. The reported rescues are from only three of the many locations throughout the US they use the Resq Disc. “On average, we have one reported rescue for every 100 discs sold,” says Dr. Thomas Sytko, inventor of the ResQ Disc, “I would have to estimate that with use in 4000 vehicles, the US Border Patrol would most likely have close to 400 rescues for all locations.” US Border Patrol has over 200 lives saved since they started using the disc in 2003. Michigan State Police have the next highest number of lives saved.